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Photography: Reflections on Tonal Separation

What is Tonal Separation? The Geeky Version Before beginning the discussion on tonal separation proper – it might perhaps be useful to first propose a working definition. The most straightforward definition may, perhaps, be that tonal separation how one describes the transition between the dark and light parts of a photograph (as well as the transitions […]

Review: Le Bistrot du Sommelier

Where do I start? I suppose Le Bistrot du Sommelier is what happens when you pair someone who loves to drink (Maximilien Fedkiw) with someone who likes, and is particularly good at, cooking (Patrick Heuberger). Although Patrick has since left the restaurant – he decided to take a sabbatical to learn how […]

MOC Restaurant @ Hillcrest

A new, modern Vietnamese establishment that had me going back twice in 2 weeks. It is really pretty decent, and the 1 for 1 drink deals are really worth it | Images all captured with the Ricoh GR & GM-1 Macro Conversion Lens. [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]R0300619 -GR – 18.3 mm […]

With the increase number of reports concerning the restructuring of bond debt, it is apposite time to examine what exactly bonds are and the features of bonds prospective investors ought to examine before making an investment. Bonds / Notes: What are They? In simple terms, companies issue bonds […]

AOKI by Les Amis

Aoki by Les Amis was a Japanese restaurant that I wanted to try for quite a while. I have heard great (and, from a price point of view, scary) things about the dinner omakase menu but also heard that the executive lunch set was both excellent and affordable. So when […]