Dinner at Morsels

My aunt brought my brother out for a belated birthday treat and was kind enough to invite Jo and I along. Morsels, a restaurant located at 35 Mayo Street, was the chosen destination. Simply put (and I’ve tried to write this sentence several times so far), the food […]

Fresh Fish

When I found out that we had to inspect a fish farm off Ubin island yesterday, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to put the newly acquired E-M1 through its paces. You see, the restaurant is now considering bringing in fresh fish reared off the coast of […]

Scenes from Far East Flora

Joline had to pick up some flowers for her restaurant from Far East Flora; I thought it was a good opportunity to take a few photographs. Not all of them turned out great and the truth is that I know nothing about macro/flower photography. Nonetheless, I thought the […]