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Alexander Pang

Kazu Revisited

I’ve already reviewed Kazu here. We went there again to celebrate Marc’s birthday. As usual, absolute top drawer. Chicken sashimi. That’s right. Cod Milt, viz cod sperm. Scallop with cream cheese. Foie Gras! Lamb cutlets. Buta Bara – Or pork belly. Sake many many much much. Greed. Happy […]

Dinner at Morsels

My aunt brought my brother out for a belated birthday treat and was kind enough to invite Jo and I along. Morsels, a restaurant located at 35 Mayo Street, was the chosen destination. Simply put (and I’ve tried to write this sentence several times so far), the food […]

Fresh Fish

When I found out that we had to inspect a fish farm off Ubin island yesterday, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to put the newly acquired E-M1 through its paces. You see, the restaurant is now considering bringing in fresh fish reared off the coast of […]

Scenes from Far East Flora

Joline had to pick up some flowers for her restaurant from Far East Flora; I thought it was a good opportunity to take a few photographs. Not all of them turned out great and the truth is that I know nothing about macro/flower photography. Nonetheless, I thought the […]