The Necessity Of An Identity Crisis

Most people have read or watched material, the thrust of which examines the necessity of grit, perseverance and how to deal with, and recover from, defeat or setbacks.

The right videos, books, music, literature and (auto)biographies addressing these fundamental qualities and life situations are gems, e.g.:

What I haven’t come across – although I’m certain someone, somewhere has considered this – is a specific examination of overwhelming, crippling self-doubt leading to one consider philosophical questions such as:

“Who am I?”

“What is the purpose of my life?”

“What am I defined by, and why does it matter anyway?”

“What’s the point?”

and the greatest one of all “Why?”

Such questions certainly do arise outside of crisis and almost every person has at one point asked himself or herself one or more of these questions, or experienced them, whether consciously or not.

Many people, far more learned, wise and experienced than I, have thought about these questions, and changed the human condition and the psychology of sentience.

Perhaps one of the most oft-quoted

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