AOKI by Les Amis

Aoki by Les Amis was a Japanese restaurant that I wanted to try for quite a while. I have heard great (and, from a price point of view, scary) things about the dinner omakase menu but also heard that the executive lunch set was both excellent and affordable. So when I was invited by a good friend of mine for lunch there, how could I turn it down? In the end, however, we did not take the set menu but ordered the chirashi set from the a la carte menu. Ok, it wasn’t chirashi exactly…the exact Japanese name eludes me…but it was essentially sashimi and rice.
It was amazing. Dinner at Aoki is now firmly on my radar for a special occasion.
Though we did not have the executive set, the chirashi was nonetheless preceded by two appetisers and succeeded by a selection of desserts. Quite remarkable.
First up was the Japanese equivalent of an amuse bouche…Joline thought it was jellyfish and although I initially thought it wasn’t, I am now tempted to agree.

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