On Courage, Serenity, Wisdom, Will and Strength

Did you know that the Alcoholics Anonymous prayer is:

Lord, give me the courage to change the things which can be changed, the serenity to accept the things which cannot be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I couldn’t help but notice the similarity between the prayer with a line by Sean Connery as King Arthur in First Knight (1995) where King Arthur starts a meeting of the Round Table with the following prayer:

May God grant us the wisdom to discover right, the will to choose it, and the strength to make it endure.

Fact, fiction or a commitment, I believe it’s worth pausing to question how we formulate our values and principles, and what they are.

How those values and principles drive us and, perhaps more importantly, whether what we do is consistent or in line with those values and principles.

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