Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles

Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles @ Pek Kio Market
Pek Kio Food Centre, #01-15
I’ve been coming here since I was a kid and I actually remember my dad and mum bringing me here from as young as 5 to 6 years old. That’s almost 25 years ago and I’m sure the store has been around for a great deal longer than that.
In my book, there are basically two types of prawn mee (also known as hae mee or har min); those with primarily pork-based soup and those which are primarily prawn based (ALL prawn mee, at least in my opinion, requires that the stock be reduced out of prawn shells and pork ribs – the only issue is ratio). Insofar as prawn-based stock is concerned, Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles is the best prawn mee in Singapore. There is simply no fight.
Best enjoyed “dry” with the soup on the side in my opinion. Which is strange because ordinarily I would enjoy my noodles in the soup, say when I’m eating at River Hoe Nam Prawn Noodles. Which for some reason I haven’t reviewed. Or posted the review. Damn. I will get down to it eventually…that’s the best pork-based one for me!
I wouldn’t say that big prawns are a must, but they are certainly nice to have (although not cheap, I paid $20 for this bowl with 3 large prawns, which is actually pretty alright price-wise but I think the $10 serving is good enough).
Definitely a die die must try as MakanSutra would say. I do believe they rate this place pretty well too. It’s been around for a very long time, which suggests that the old couple running it won’t be able to keep on doing this for much longer. So if there’s any advice I have, it would be this: better go and get yourself a bowl whilst it’s still around. Closed on Mondays and be prepared to queue (for potentially an hour) if you go any later than 11 AM on weekends.
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